Note Organiser

A Graphical Note Taking software for scientists.


Latest release is 0.2. See the current roadmap to 0.3.

Coming important features include:

  • bootstrap usage for html
  • math support
  • global first page to browse all tags


The code source is available there. Feel free to report problems, request new features, or share your opinion.

Note Organiser is realeased under the MIT license.


Still in development, it aims to deliver for version 1.0 a fast, useful and cross-platform software to help scientists and professional manage their notes on a daily basis.

Its main features are tag browsing, math support (Mathjax). So far, no currently available software has offered me these needed aspects. The notes are taken with a slightly modified Markdown syntax, so that they remain human readable even when not previewed in html.


If you have git installed, simply do
git clone
cd noteorganiser
python install --user

Once installed, you can call from anywhere.


The first time you call the program, it will create a folder in your home path, called .noteorganiser. You can then place your notebooks there, or create one with the program and start storing your wisdom!

To help you master the modified markdown syntax, please look in the example folder. This contains my accumulated wisdom while developing this application!